Blog vs Youtube: Which one should you start?

Blog vs Youtube

People who are just starting out in the field of ONLINE content creation, generally have a lot of questions in their minds. One such question is Blog vs Youtube, which one should I start with if I am just a beginner? 


Blog vs Youtube: Do blogs still work? Are blogs still relevant?


First of all, let’s talk about blogs. Do blogs still work in 2022? A lot of people think that blogging, which is mainly text-based, is dead. But it is far from the truth. Video is getting popular.No doubt about it. But that doesn’t mean there is no audience for text-based websites or blogs.


The number of people who uses the internet is growing every day. The same is true for Google. The number of search queries performed on Google by its users is going upward every year. Check out some really cool Google search statistics here 


Are blogs and websites the same?


Now, a lot of people are confused about this. Are blogs and websites the same? Is every blog a website? Yes, every blog is a website. But not every website is a blog. There are different types of websites, starting from social media websites like Facebook, Search engines like Google and Bing to various Blogs. Most businesses these days have a website too. And many of those websites have a blog section. They do this because blogging can improve the reach and visibility of a brand or product. 


If you are confused about the difference between a blog and a website, please check this article.  


Why are blogs good for business?


More and more companies are using blogging and content marketing as a way to acquire new customers. Blogging also helps in building a brand. It also helps in search engine ranking and getting leads from Google and other search engines.


A lot of companies hire bloggers to keep their sites updated. So even if you are, for some reason, unable to make money from your own blog, don’t worry, you can get hired by a company as a blogger.

Do blogs still work

What is a vlog? How does it work?


The word “Vlog” is the short form of a Video Blog. A Vlogger is someone who creates vlogs. In general, Vlog is a personal video that is recorded by the creator himself. So a vlogger is someone who creates content in the form of video and then uploads it to video-sharing platforms for an audience to watch. The most popular video-sharing platform is Youtube.


Nowadays, when we hear the term vlog or vlogging, we visualize someone carrying a camera and moving around recording their day-to-day activity. The topics of such vlogs revolve around the creator’s own life. It’s called a lifestyle vlog. But vlogging is much more than that. Some popular niche for vlog includes


  • Beauty and Makeup Vlogs
  • Technology and Gadget review Vlogs 
  • Travel Vlogs
  • Gaming Vlogs
  • Cooking Vlogs
  • Health and Fitness Vlogs
  • DIY(Do it yourself) Vlogs
  • Product Unboxing
  • Life Hacks


You can also create different types of videos for Youtube apart from Vlogs. For example, you can record tutorials on a topic you are knowledgeable about. You can also create informational videos on just about any topic. Many people are earning thousands of dollars from Faceless Youtube Channels also.


If you want more Youtube channel ideas, please check this article. 


What is the difference between a blogger and a vlogger?


The difference is the platform they use. A Vlogger uses a third-party video platform like Youtube. On the other hand, most Bloggers have their own websites. 


In terms of popularity, I guess a vlogger has more popularity than a Blogger, especially someone who makes a lifestyle vlog. Because  So, if you are looking for popularity, you should start a vlog. Some bloggers earn even more money than top vloggers or Youtubers, but they prefer to remain anonymous.

What is a vlog and how does it work

Starting a blog vs Youtube

You can start a blog for free on platforms like Blogger or WordPress.com. But that way, you will not have your own domain. Instead, you will be working on a subdomain of Blogger or WordPress.com. To start blogging professionally, you need to invest a little bit of money. You need to buy hosting and a domain.


Owning a domain is like owning your own real estate in the virtual world, i.e Internet.


On the other hand, to start a Youtube Channel, you don’t need to invest any money. Just go to Youtube, open a channel, upload a logo and start uploading videos. 


One drawback with Youtube is that, unlike blogging, you don’t own anything here. It’s someone else’s platform that you are building your business on. They can de-platform you anytime if they wish.


With blogging, you have your own website. A blog is something you can call your own asset. Although you need third-party services that will host your content on their servers, for the most part, you are the one that is in control of your blog.  And even if Google stops sending traffic to your blog, you can still get some traffic from other search engines. You can also collect Emails from your audience and build a list. Later, you could send promotional emails to your list.


Blogging vs Youtube income


So, where can you earn more money? Blogging or Youtube? 


There is no simple answer to this question. It depends on many factors. You can make pretty good money in both fields.


Income mainly depends on the monetization strategies you apply to your blog or Youtube channel. If you only depend on display ads, your earnings will be less, compared to someone who applies other methods such as affiliate marketing and brand sponsorship.


If you are earning from display ads, the network you are using also matters. For example, RPM(Rate per Mile or Rate per 1000 sessions) of networks like Mediavine is much higher compared to Google Adwords.


Niche also matters. Advertisers in some niches pay a higher rate than others.

Blogging vs Youtube income

What is easy blogging or Youtube?

Neither is easy. Both require dedication, hard work, and consistency. However, depending on various factors, you could have some idea about which one will be easier and better suitable for you. Please check the Pros and Cons of both blogging and Youtube below.


Pros and Cons of Blogging


  • Blogging is great if you like to write and are able to express yourself through writing.
  • You can build your own brand through Blogging.
  • Blogging could be passive. Once you build your blog and rank for some keywords, your blog keeps on getting traffic for months, maybe even years without you doing any work, which is not the case with Youtube. You have to constantly keep uploading content, otherwise, your reach will decrease. With blogs, you can also hire others to create content for you and automate every process. 
  • Blogs are better appreciating assets than Youtube channels. You can sell your blog at a price 30-40 times that of its monthly earnings. Youtube channels could also be bought and sold. However, fewer people do it compared to blogs because Youtube channels generally have a face and are connected to the individual who makes the videos. The audience might not like it when that individual changes. However, this problem does not arise with faceless channels.  


  • Blogging is very time-consuming. You need to invest a lot of time in your blog, especially when you are starting out. You need to design your website, create a header and footer, install and configure various plugins, configure Google Analytics and Google search console, create social media pages, etc.  


  •   It takes time to write blog posts. Also, full-time blogging is not only about writing articles. You also need to optimize your article for search engines(On-page SEO) before publishing. Moreover, you need to promote your articles on social media and build backlinks to your blog. Every one of these tasks could be outsourced but you need a budget for that. On the other hand, if you have a Youtube channel, you don’t need to build backlinks or build anything from scratch like with a website. Slightly less time-consuming.

Blogging vs Youtube

Pros and cons of vlogs(Or Youtube)



  • It’s easier and less technical to start a Youtube channel compared to a blog.   
  • With blogging, if you don’t rank on Google or are unable to send traffic from other social media sites, it might be hard to get visitors. But on the other hand, Youtube is a site that already has tons of traffic. People browse Youtube all the time, looking for something to watch. And you know what, Youtube suggests them videos. So it’s not impossible to start getting views on your videos right from the start without doing any SEO. You don’t have to constantly be working for your traffic.
  • It’s easier to build trust with your audience using video. When people see your face and hear your voice, they can’t deny the fact that you are a real person. It’s easier to lie when no one knows who the real person is. That’s why so much lying and cheating happens over the internet.



  • You don’t own your Youtube channel.  It’s Youtube that is in control of your Channel. They could delete your videos or ban your channel anytime if they for some reason don’t like your videos.  
  • A lot of people are really uncomfortable in front of a camera. In fact, a lot of us have this problem. It takes some time to become totally normal in front of a camera. When you are starting a blog, there is no such problem.
  • You have to come in front of the camera and record yourself even if you are really really sick in the case of Youtube. People are used to seeing your face. But if you are running a blog and you get sick somehow, you can outsource almost every task. You can hire a good writer to write articles. In simple words, blogging could be much more passive compared to Youtube
  • Growth is kind of unpredictable with Youtube. With blogging, if you have done proper keyword research, optimized your content for search engines, and build high-authority backlinks, your blog will see growth in terms of traffic. On the other hand, Youtube works in a pretty mysterious way and it’s hard to tell if your content will go viral or not.

Starting a blog vs Youtube

Blogging and Youtube, both of them are awesome and pretty rewarding. You just have to choose which one you want to start depending on your skills and interests.

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