Earn crypto playing games: 5 interesting Cryptocurrency earning games 

earn crypto playing games



What is play to earn crypto games? Can you earn crypto playing games on the internet? Well, welcome to 2022, the answer to that question is yes, you can. With the help of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, it is now possible to earn money from the games you play


There are mainly two types of Cryptocurrency earning games. Firstly, there are games where you have to invest your own cash(buy an NFT) to start earning money. But, on the other hand, there are also games where you can start earning cryptocurrency by just playing the game. In this article, I am going to talk about the later ones, i.e. those games where you earn crypto by simply playing the game.


If you are broke at the moment, or for some reason, don’t want to invest your own money in such games, but still want to play games and earn some money by just playing them, then you should continue reading this article. You are in the right place.


I have come up with a list of the best free play to earn crypto games. Please keep on reading.



earn crypto playing games
image credit: https://www.playtoearn.online/

This is a horse-racing game. You can do racing, breeding and even rent out your horses. You can buy NFTs in the form of horses and earn from those NFTs. But if someone doesn’t want to put money in the game, they still can earn. So it’s basically a free play to earn game. Even though the game is live since last November, only in the last few weeks it has started to get really popular.

Although the NFTs(horses) have various levels of rarity, at present it doesn’t matter if you buy a costly one or a cheap one. It doesn’t affect your probability of winning in the game.


This game is built on the Polygon(Matic) network.


Two types of tokens are there in this game. These are PGX and VIS.


 This game has a scholarship system similar to Axie Infinity. So you can rent your NFTs to other players to play the game for you and share the profit. The Lowest NFT prices start from around $1000 at the moment.


Check out the official site of Pegaxy here.


League of Ancients

how to earn crypto playing games
image credit : https://rationalinsurgent.com/

This is a MOBA(Massive online battle arena) game, very similar to games such as League of Legends. You can say it’s a NFT version of League of Legends. In this game, two teams battle against each other. The currency of this game is LOA(League of Ancients).


Anyone can play this game. No need to invest any money from your pocket to start playing this game. You can even earn small amounts of LOA(in-game currency) by just playing for free. You will earn LOA by winning battles against your enemy team. And that’s not all. As you progress through the game and reach higher ranks, your token rewards will increase over time. This will work as a motivating factor even for free players to keep coming back to play the game. If you want to earn more money, you can purchase a NFT. NFT’s will help you earn more but they will not help you to perform better in the game. You have to develop your own skills if you want to be a good player.


This game will help a lot of players earn very good income by playing a game that is fun to play. Worldwide, more than 250 million people play this type of game (MOBA), but they don’t earn any money. Even if a fraction of those players joins League of Ancients, imagine  how big the game will become.

Check out League of Ancients here



best free play to earn crypto games
image credit : https://cryptogames3d.com/

Cryowar is real time Multi-Player PvP(Player to Player) Arena game built on the Solana Blockchain. You know what, the developers have been developing the game for almost three years. They then decided to make it a blockchain game by bringing it to Solana Network. It was a great decision because, with Ethereum, the transaction time and gas fee is way too high and not suitable for the gaming ecosystem.


Cryowar is a skill-based game. In many blockchain games, the costlier the NFTs you buy, the better your chances to earn money in the game. Many players get discouraged by such Pay to Win games. But that is not the case with Cryowar. Someone with even the cheapest NFT will be able to compete against someone who has the most costly NFT.

Check out Cryowar official site here


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image credit : https://www.publish0x.com/

It is an Action Role playing (aRPG) game. In this game you can earn a token by competing in PvP(Player versus Player) and PvE( Player versus Environment) gamesThere are mainly two game modes, Campaign modes, and Arena modes. But on 28th February, they released another interesting game mode called Tower Mode.


You don’t need to invest in the game to play. It is a free-to-play and free-to-earn game. You get a one-star Hero for free just by starting the game.


If you want to buy Heros, you can do so from the marketplace. What’s interesting is that the Heros can get married and give birth to new NFT Heros. This is probably the first time such a thing happens in a game.


In the campaign mode, you get 50 energy to use every day. Regardless of the fact that you win or lose, you need energy for each fight.


Now coming to rewards, in the Campaign mode, you get rewards when you finish a MAP. When you finish the first MAP, you will unlock 4% of the reward pool. If you manage to finish the second MAP,  you get another 6% of the pool for that day. People have earned up to 5 dollars a day at some point when the price of HeroFi(ROFI) was higher, all without investing anything

Check out HeroFi here


Dreams Quest

can you earn crypto playing games


I would say it is one of the best free play-to-earn games. It is one of the best and most unique games in the world of Role-playing games (RPG). 


Dreams Quest developer team wants to simplify the complex ecosystems regarding crypto games. The game is still in a very early stage. The players and community expect a full-scale launch during the later half of 2022.


In the Dreams Quest’s dreamverse, there are mainly two types of earning methods.

Quest based earning

In the game, players can visit new places and wander by going on different quests. You will be able to win new items, coins or cards by going on these quests.


Battle based earning

Players who participate in the battle will get rewards in the form of coins. If someone fights and wins against an opposition who is much stronger and higher in rank, then he will get extra coins. Isn’t that interesting?

Check Dreams Quest here 

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