How to earn crypto for free? Read this article to know more about how to earn free crypto 2022(Practical Methods)


Are you wondering how to earn crypto for free? Is this even possible? The answer to that question is yes. It is possible to earn crypto without spending your own money.


Some people have made a lot of money with cryptocurrencies in the last couple of years. But, you know what, at the same time, there are people who have lost a lot of money too. Do you remember the ICO craze? Some of today’s top crypto projects started off as ICOs and money that is collected from ICOs. But at the same time, many ICO projects have failed too and people who invested in such projects lost all of their money. Also, some projects failed to live up to the hype they created. This is the reason people are a little bit scared to invest their hard-earned money into something as risky as crypto, where there is no guarantee.


So you don’t want to put your own money into crypto because you fear losing your hard-earned money. But, then again, you have FOMO( fear of missing out). You think you will miss out on this opportunity called Crypto. 


So what should you do now? Are there any methods through which one can earn crypto for free without investing your hard-earned money?


If you are someone who wants to know how to earn crypto for free, you are in the right place. I am writing this article to show you how to earn cryptocurrency without investment.

how to earn free crypto 2022

Writing Articles

If you like writing articles, then you can publish your writing on certain sites and when other people upvote your article, you will earn crypto. Sites like Hive or Leofinance are the type of sites I am talking about. You can even earn crypto by commenting on other people’s blog posts. 


Isn’t that cool? 


But you have to be consistent and post regularly to start earning any real money. With Hive, you can post on almost any topic but Leofinance is mostly about financial topics. 

If you are a writer at sites like Medium.com or at your own blog, you can republish your articles on Hive or Leofinance after publishing at Medium or at your blog. 

While it’s cool to earn some Crypto on the side, these platforms are quite new and we don’t know what will happen to them in the next 3-5 years. So if you are serious about Online earning, better start your own online business. Check out this video to know how to create a Hive account.


Creating videos:

You can earn crypto by creating videos and uploading them to sites like DTube or Odysee. 


Consuming content in the form of video is getting really popular. Look at the growth of Youtube in the last couple of years. Many people have made their fortune by creating videos on Youtube. But nowadays competition is pretty big on Youtube as there are a lot of creators competing against each other. 


On the other hand, decentralized platforms like Odysee are quite new. It uses the LBRY protocol. Many Youtubers now also publish content on Odysee along with Youtube. One such famous channel is Veritasium. It has around 12 million subscribers on Youtube. They republish the same content on Odysee after publishing on Youtube and are making some extra money in the form of crypto. Many creators are making more money from Odysee than they make from Youtube. 


Referring people to Crypto Exchanges

The easiest way to buy crypto is to buy from an exchange. If you have friends and family who want to buy crypto, they can sign up for a crypto exchange through your affiliate link and you will make money from that. 


But if you want to make big money with this method, you need to have an audience. For example, if you have a blog, a Facebook page, or an Instagram page, you can send your audience to the sign-up link and when they sign up, you make a lot of money.


Offer services and earn Crypto(As a Freelancer)

how to earn crypto without buying it

You can get paid in crypto by selling various services and in return getting paid in crypto. If you have certain skills and looking to earn money using your skills, there are various platforms such as Upwork, Guru, and PeoplePerHour. On these platforms, you get paid in dollars. But if you want to earn in Bitcoin and Crypto by selling services, there are platforms like Laborx , Pompcryptojob, Cryptojobs, and even Reddit forums like Jobs4Bitcoin. These platforms pay in crypto.


Playing Free Play to earn crypto games

This is a new invention in the crypto field. There are some free play-to-earn games like Widiland, where you can earn crypto for free. But the problem is you earn very little if you play for free. If you are playing for fun and making money is an added bonus to you, then it’s fine. 


But if you want to make some good regular money, then you have to invest your own money first. But remember, this is a very new field and it’s pretty risky to invest at this moment. Only invest what you afford to lose. Personally, I have not invested any money in these games. But many people do.


Also, there is a system called “scholarship” with some of these games have, such as Axie Infinity and Pegaxy. People who have invested or bought NFTs rent it out to players who play the game for those investors. Earnings are shared between the two. Players don’t have to invest anything. Here is an article I wrote about the best free play-to-earn games, please check it out.


Crypto Airdrops are a great way to earn some free crypto without doing any work. Airdrops are used as a promotion technique when a new blockchain project launches. It involves sending out a small amount of the new token to the wallet addresses of active members of the community in return for simple tasks like sharing a post on social media or subscribing to a newsletter.


The main reason behind this is to create awareness and build a community for the project. For some projects, one even needs to complete KYC to receive Airdrop. Check this video to know where you can find Airdrops.



Here you can earn bitcoin for being helpful to others on the internet, such as answering questions, giving tips, and providing information on a certain topic. Check out Bitfortip here.


Brave browser

Browsing the internet is something we all do regularly. And Brave browser pays you a small amount of money for that in the form of BAT token. Moreover, Brave is faster than chrome and it respects the user’s privacy. Download brave here.

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