How to earn passive income by working from home with Google Adsense?

earn passive income by working from home with google adsense


You must have heard about people making passive income online by working from home. Is it true? How long does it take? There are many ways to make passive income online. But in this article, I am going to write about Adsense. Please keep on reading till the end as  I am going to explain in detail how to earn passive income by working from home with Google Adsense


What is Adsense and how does it work?

Adsense is the ad network from Google and is the most popular among all other ad networks. It is a system through which advertisers buy advertising space on your website through a bidding system. Google keeps a percentage of what the advertiser pays.


It is the simplest way of making money for a content creator by displaying ads next to your content. Adsense is free to create, you just need to apply for Adsense after you have published some content. 


To start using Adsense as a publisher you either need a website or a Youtube Channel.


Easiest ways to earn passive income

There are different types of websites you can start, such as 

  •      Blog
  •      News sites
  •      Forum or discussion board
  •      Niche social media sites.

 It depends on what you want to build. I personally think starting a blog is the easiest. 


To start your own site, you need to invest a little money. Don’t worry, It’s not much. Please remember that, by building your own website, you are creating your own virtual real estate.


To start a website, you need to buy a domain and a hosting plan first. The domain will cost around $11-$12 a year. On the other hand, hosting will cost around $21-$22 per year. For buying domains, I personally use Namecheap. For hosting, if you want cheaper options, go for Hostinger or Bluehost. But if you have some money to invest, go for WPX hosting, which starts from $20.83 per month. 


For step-by-step on starting your blog from scratch, check this article


Is it possible to earn money from Adsense without having your own website?


best way to earn passive income 2022

If you don’t have any money or for some reason don’t want to invest, you can still make money with Adsense. First of all, you can start your own Youtube Channel which is free to start. To enable Adsense on your Youtube account, you need to have 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 watch hours in the past 12 months.


But if you are not comfortable with creating video content and also don’t want to pay for a website, you can still earn from Adsense. 


First of all, you can start your blogging journey on this platform called Blogger. Blogger is owned by Google itself. Just open your account and start blogging. After publishing a few articles, you can apply for Google Adsense.


Secondly, Hubspot is another such platform where you can write articles and put Adsense Ads on your Hubpages articles. But the problem with this is Google doesn’t give high weightage to such content sites while ranking so it’s hard to get traffic.


Thirdly, you can publish your own App on Google Play and then monetize using Admob. To create your own app, you either need to know how to program or hire a programmer. These days, there are tools available such as Andromo which help you build Apps without even coding.


Personally, I think starting your own blog or website or Youtube Channel is the best way to earn money from Adsense. Also, Adsense is not the only method of making money from your blog or Youtube channel. Once you start getting decent traffic or views, you can start promoting affiliate products and make money from it. You can also make money from brand deals. 


If you want to know how to exactly start your blog from scratch, check this article professional blogging for dummies.


Is Adsense still profitable in 2022? 

earn passive income at home blogging


Yes, you can still make good money with Adsense but now there are some good alternatives also available. Although Adsense is the largest ad platform,  it is not good to completely become dependent on one platform. 


For some reason, your Adsense might get banned suddenly. Although rare, it is not unheard of. There are many terms and conditions and you might unknowingly violet one of those. For example, you might accidentally click one of those ads in your own account which is not allowed at all. 


Sometimes, you might just want to earn some extra income even if you are already earning from Adsense. Some of these networks pay more than Google Adsense but their requirement is also high. For example, your blog needs 100,000 monthly visitors to get accepted in some of these platforms. 


Here is a list of top Google Adsense competitors.

  • Sovrn // Commerce – Best for new websites
  • ylliX – Best for new publishers. As far as I know, the minimum payment is only $1 and they give a daily payout. Better pay rate than Adsense,
  • Ezoic -Ezoic currently doesn’t have any pageview limits but sites getting less than 10000 monthly pageviews needs to sign up for one of their educational programs and after  completion of that one can get approved.
  • Media – Good for already established blogs.
  • BuysellAds– It is also best for established websites. BuySellAds needs at least 100,000 page views on your blog to join.
  • Skimlinks – Best for making money from affiliate marketing.
  • Monumetric -Best for medium-sized blogs.


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