Make money playing games: 5 NFT games you can play today and earn $100 a day(Free to play)

make money playing games

Gaming is fun. But do you know, newer technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies have made it possible to even earn money from the games you play. Now you can play a game not only for entertainment purpose, but also for earning money from it. Most of these games are free to play. Some of these games are even free to earn, which means you don’t have to put your own money to start earning from the game. Others you can play for free but to start earning you need to invest, i.e. buy a NFT.



make money playing games
Image credit: learntownstar.com


 Townstar is a Farming game. This game was built by the team who created Farmville. The name of the company is Zynga.


Townstar is a free to play game which means you don’t need any money to start playing the game. But to start earning money from the game, you have to purchase at least one NFT.


To start playing Townstar, you need to open your account on the Gala Games website.


You can visit this website here to know more about how to play the game.

Check Townstar here  


Axie infinity:(Free to Earn)

make money online playing games
Image Credit: www.deconstructoroffun.com

It is one of the first play to earn games. This game has two cryptocurrencies called Axie infinity Shards(AXS) and Smooth Love Potion(SLP)


This game was built by a company called Sky Mavis. The company has its headquarters in Vietnam.


Here, players need to collect Axies, one type of digital Pets which can be bred, raised and traded in the Axie land.


You need three Axies to start playing the game. Axies are not free, You need to buy them. So you have to invest money to play the game and start earning real money. So you might be thinking why I mentioned it as free to play and earn, right? Actually this game has a scholarship program. In this program, a player who has enough Axies(a manager),hires someone(a scholar) who cannot afford to buy their own Axies , to play the game for them. The earnings are divided between the two.


If you want to know more about how to get a scholarship, you can check this article here  


Here is the link to the official website of Axie Infinity.


Widiland(Free to Earn):

make money playing games
image credit : https://news.coincu.com/

Widiland is a NFT game first started in June 2021. It’s a free play to earn game with an upcoming Metaverse. It is based on the blockchain technology. I personally like this game very much and regularly playing at this moment.


The story of the game is about a time when the environment of the earth has seriously degraded and has become unlivable along with a serious shortage of food and energy. So scientists start their search for a new planet in order to find a new home for humanity. They found a  distant planet, which is similar to earth, upto 73%,called Widiland(TKE-1012). A small group of people were selected for the mission  and sent to Widiland. But at the time of landing, the spacecraft got badly damaged by a geomagnetic storm and they lost connection to earth-based radars. 


What players of the game need to do is rebuild the human civilization on Widiland by using the limited tools and resources. They need to use the resources effectively and increase production capacity to expand their territory.

Widiland is a free to play game. On top of that, you don’t even have to put your own money to start earning from the game. When you first create your account, you will get one crop land and 3 in game characters(Farmer,Breeder and Cook) for free. These are not NFT’s. You can start playing with these free characters and you will start getting WSO(Widi Soul) once you complete the Daily Quests and Achievements. To earn more , you can purchase NFT’s from the marketplace using WIDI.


There are two currencies in the game. For purchasing something from the marketplace, you have WIDILAND(WIDI)and for purchasing something in the game itself, You have Widi Soul(WSO)

Check out Widiland here

Thetan Arena(Free to earn)

make money playing games online
Image credit : https://www.asiacryptotoday.com/

Thetan Arena is a Multiplayer online battle Arena(MOBA) game. You get three free heroes and could start playing the game with those. You can also purchase heroes so that you can earn more money. In this game, you only earn when you win a battle. And the game is pretty tough. So you have to upgrade your skills if you want to earn money from the game. 


There are different game modes such as superstar, Tower Siege, Death Match and Battle Royal etc. There are two native tokens in the Thetan Arena game, these are, THG and THC.


One thing to keep in mind if you play Thetan Arena is that this game is not only about your individual skills but also about teamwork. So you need to form your own team and play strategically if you want to keep winning continuously. 


You can play it in both Computer and Mobile. Check out Thetan Arena  here 


Monsta Infinite

make money with blockchain games
Image credit=https://www.techtimes.com/

It is a cheaper alternative to Axie Infinity. This game is built on the Binance Smart Chain. The NFT’s that you need to buy on Axie Infinity have become pretty costly. So, if you have missed Axie infinity, you can start playing Monsta Infinite. You will need very little capital to start with compared to Axie Infinity.  Here is the official site of Monsta Intinite

Gods Unchained:(Free to Earn) This is a trading card game. I think this is one of the best TCG game at the moment and also pretty fun to play. Many people over the internet are saying that it is much better than Hearthstone, which is also a card game. 

In this game, you own these cards which are digital tokens (Or NFT’s). The game is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. If you enjoy this kind of card games, you can try this out here



make money with blockchain games
Image Credit=https://nftevening.com/

Finally. Zoothereum is a very exciting project. This game has a pretty exciting team. It is built by a team of four guys who are crypto investors who  also work in the  Animation/Computer graphics world.

As far as I know , this is not free to play but a pretty interesting project. You should check this out here .

As mentioned in the roadmap, the game will be out on April 28 but you can start minting NFT’s from now on. You can buy different types of eggs. The amount of these eggs are limited so the prices could increase a lot once the game starts.

To play these games, you need to have a crypto wallet like Metamask which you need to connect to the game.


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